Our Experience at The Private Suite: The Transportation Service fit for Celebrities.

The Private Suite is the closest thing anyone will get to absolute luxury when traveling without owning their own private jet. The goal of the company and the facilities they provide is to maintain complete privacy as well as the utmost personal care during the wait to board flights. It is highly likely that the majority of people have experienced the general chaos of the airport and the massive amounts of stress as well as disgust it can sometimes bring. This problem is certainly a first world one, but that is the entire point of the luxury solution that has been provided for it. Gaining entry into The Private Suite requires an annual membership fee, as well as a fee every time you use one of their facilities, but it is well worth the price if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the affluent expense.

The company’s facility at LAX is nothing short of luxury. Upon arrival, members of the luxury travel service are greeted formally and have their bags taken to be checked for the upcoming flight. After the initial greeting, members are taken to their own private suite, hence the name, and left to work or enjoy the room, without any major interruptions, while a team of eight personnel work behind the scenes to track updates for the passenger’s flight, as well as any other information that could impact the general comfort or transit of the customer. As mentioned before, while all of the staff work behind the scenes, members are free to enjoy the entire suite. The suites contain a personal pantry for any preflight cravings that may make themselves apparent, a private bathroom containing all kinds of toiletries that one could have forgotten, a toy service for any young travelers, who may need some entertainment and bedding that can be used to take a nap. All of these amenities, paired with the privacy and relaxing nature of the suite create an experience that far surpasses any of the membership clubs that the airlines themselves provide. Additional services that may be utilized during a stay include meeting rooms, video conference rooms, a spacious bathroom and shower for international travelers, and a play area for children.

After the correct amount of time has elapsed, a staff member will politely knock on the Suite’s door and let members know that it is time to make their way to the security portion of the journey. Upon leaving the Suite there is almost no loss in the luxury atmosphere as privacy is still strictly maintained and the staff are very attentive and helpful. Security is a breeze as they only process one group at a time so there are no lines to wait in. Some travelers will note that any beverages obtained within the Suite will not be able to pass through the security, but this is not an issue as there is an entire stocked fridge waiting on the other side of the checkpoint. The staff member will then politely guide members to the outdoor parking lot where they will board one of many luxury vehicles depending on group size. This vehicle will then carry them across the airfield to the commercial flight they are destined to board. The Private Suite provides this service to every airline.

Upon arrival at the gate, members will wait within the car until the plane has been properly prepared for passengers. The staff member will then guide members up a set of stairs along the jet bride that lead directly to the plane. Members of the service will board before anyone else to ensure full privacy. In the case of my experience using the service, staff members even held back other passengers who had mistakenly been allowed into the jet bridge early to allow my party to board first. From this point, members board the flight normally as they would if they had experienced the usual journey through LAX.

This experience is most likely the most luxurious way to depart and arrive from LAX, only surpassed by the millionaires and billionaires of the world who are able to afford their own private plane. The service seems to be geared toward celebrities or high profile businessmen, who want to avoid paparazzi and maintain their privacy at all costs. The Private Suite also emphasises the fact that everything is taken care of for the members, and advertise that the average journey through LAX takes 2200 footsteps, while a journey to the same plane through service takes only 70. Overall the experience is fit for the most wealthy members of society, but is also a valuable experience to the average businessman for its relaxing atmosphere that can be utilized to have a more productive travel experience. Nonetheless, a membership to the Suite will cost several thousand dollars, and then require a similarly large deposit of cash every time members use the facility, but it is in no doubt a valuable luxury experience if it is within the member’s financial means.